Stop Whining … and start Wine-ing

With Wineries in every one of our 50 states, what better place to learn all about wine than to visit them during your travels. Take the tours, see how the wine is made and sample fine wines in the tasting room. Talk to the Winemaker. You’ll find your host is usually most enthusiastic about his wines. It’s a common fact that many wineries have started out small, as a hobby. Many of the smaller wineries are family-owned and operated, thus giving them a stronger interest in their products.

If you’re interested in a guided tour through the very popular Napa Valley in California, take the Wine Train, a three hour, 36 mile train ride between Napa and St. Helena, about an hour north of San Francisco. Enjoy the view as you pass dozens of wineries and vineyards. Gourmet dining on board or excursions and wine tasting at the many local wineries. For reservations, call (800) 427-4124.

Check out NapaValley.Com to help you decide which wineries you might want to visit as well as recommended lodging, and dining.

If you’re interested in amateur winemaking, a helpful site would be Let’s Do Wine for wine making kits, equipment, accessories, and wine making information. Also, don’t forget to look into wine tasting courses and home winemaking seminars. Winemaker Magazine also offers up-to-date information on winemaking, wine competition, stories, and tips for the beginner.

Are you ready for a Wine Cellar? Check out Wine Cellar Secrets. How to build the ideal Wine Cellar to store your wine in optimum condition.