Train Ride Trips for Fun!


Train Rides I think you’ll find most children who love model trains will also be captivated by “the real thing”. A train ride can be a fun and exciting adventure for young and old alike.

Many years ago I recall taking my three children on a train ride and experiencing a “holdup” by a group of masked, gun-toting cowboys. As the four men rode up on their horses, the train slowed down as they entered and proceeded to confiscate play money from the passengers.

The adults, of course, knew this was part of the planned entertainment, but the younger children, who were surprised by all this, had a peek at what the old west was like and thoroughly enjoyed the excitement.

In today’s society with all the fear of guns and shootings, it might not be a good idea to surprise a child with a trip like this. However, back in the 70’s a re-creation of the wild west life was easily accepted as good-natured fun. And it still can be with all the theme parks now depicting frontier life in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Depending on your location, you might want to check out a few of the sites listed below:

Grand Canyon Train Tour: Enjoy 2 hours and 15 minutes of beautiful scenery, gunfighters, fiddlers, and guitarists on the train, plus 3 hours of site-seeing at the Grand Canyon.

Another Grand Canyon old west train ride. Watch out for the desperadoes targeting the train to the Grand Canyon. But, don’t worry, you’ll arrive safe and sound.