Renaissance Fairs

If you enjoy a bit of history and plenty of fun, why not check out Renaissance Fairs as a possible hobby, or just try it out for something to do for a fun adventure for the whole family. You could make this a weekend getaway as some Fairs provide camping facilities.

Picture an outdoor weekend festival-like gathering in a 16th century fantasy kingdom atmosphere with medieval costumed entertainers, musical acts, singers, jugglers, stilt walkers, fire eaters, belly dancers, mimes, puppeteers, gymnasts, court jesters, village reenactments, and plenty of food.

Renaissance Fairs are held in different parts of the country, some in theme parks while other Fairs travel the circuit. Visitors are encouraged to participate by wearing period costumes and participating in games of skill.

Entertainers mingle with guests, giving an informal, friendly atmosphere. And be prepared for medieval themed activities such as archery, axe-throwing, jousting competitions, sword fighting by knights in shining armor, Shakespearian plays, and live exotic animal displays. Demonstrations are also available for weaving, glass blowing, leather crafting, and sculpture.

Present day and period food can be purchased as well as many handicrafts from artisans across the country.

For a sampling of Renaissance Fairs with dates, telephone numbers, and directions, see:

Since dates and times vary, we suggest you check out Renaissance Faires By State to see what interests you.