Remote Controlled Toys

The toy industry has come a long, long way in regards to remote controlled vehicles. Speed, reliability and style are all way up. Your airplanes can now reach cruising speed and top altitude. Your submarines can dive to the pool’s depths and your monster trucks won’t get stuck in the kids’ sandbox.

Whether these toys are for your kid or the kid in you, you can build a nice collection of radio controlled models that look great on the shelf and are a ton of fun at the park. For the airplanes, sorry, no indoor flying, a large park is required for enough room for flying.

Prices range from as low as $5 for some of the radio controlled cars and easily up to $200 for the airplanes. Durability becomes an issue with the airplanes since they pick up speed quickly and crash landings are the norm at the beginning until you get the hang of it.

Planes are incredible and require the most skill to operate. Boats and subs tend to have the most problems due to the stress of operating in water. R/C Cars are a great value for the dollar and can be the most reliable.

If you are planning on operating two r/c models at the same time, make sure the models are working on different frequencies to avoid radio control conflicts.

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