Puzzles are a great mental activity which can help pass the time, relax and comfort, and stimulate the brain, helping to ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Jigsaw Puzzles:

The first jigsaw puzzle dates back to 1760, an English school teacher John Spillsbury was looking for a new way to teach geography. For more on the history of the Jigsaw puzzle, visit the American Jigsaw Puzzle Society.

Today, jigsaw puzzles are for all ages, come in all sizes and all types of artwork. Some are extremely challenging with 3D features or even completely blank pieces with no picture at all.

Puzzlepoint.com is a great online source for traditional Jigsaw puzzles.

Crossword Puzzles:

The Crossword puzzle came along in 1913 when journalist Arthur Wynn published the first crossword puzzle in the newspaper New York World. Since then, crosswords have become an obsession for millions, especially on those long bus and train commutes to work.

Play along with The New York Times Learning Network’s twice monthly new crossword puzzle.

See our March Hobby Ideas page for information on the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, held in Brooklyn, NY.

Brain Teasers:

Another category of puzzles is the brain teasers. Remember Rubik’s Cube? That huge sensation. Well, the cube and many variations are still with us, but this only scratches the surface of great brain teasers.

If you are looking for some teasers to wrap your brain around, consider WordJuxtapoz for some creative mind puzzles.