Scrabble has been around for what seems like “forever”. Always a favorite and not only entertaining, but helps keep the mind sharp. Some Sites To Get You Started Scrabble Rules, all you need to know to get started. Visit Hasbro’s official worldwide Scrabble site for tips on playing, shopping for Scrabble products, information on School […]

RVing: Camping On the Open Road

For those of you who love camping but can’t afford the toll that sleeping bags take, then you may want to consider the RV route. Yes, recreational vehicles are monsters to navigate and they cost a small fortune. But, smaller units are available and RV rentals are available. You may want to check out some […]

Create Your Own Outdoor Adventures

Some may think that a hobby has to be something you collect since coin collecting and model trains are the prototypical hobbies that many of us grew up with from childhood. No, hobbies include activities that get us out of the house, out of the suburbs and out of the normal limitations that we put […]

Some Online Hobby Stores to Get You Started, the coolest Hobby Store, is a great source for radio controlled toys, robots, and electronics, science kits, magic tricks and much more! for arts and crafts supplies, especially focusing on crafts, fabrics, floral and decor. Best Price can offer you a large selection of craft and hobby supplies as well as links to […]

Noodling: The art of catching catfish with your bare hands.

Noodling, sometimes called Hand Fishing or Catfisting (among other things), is the art of catching catfish with your bare hands. It is inexpensive – no boat, rod, reel, nets, or bait needed. Just your bare hands. As the Noodler wades into the murky water, he rams his hand into a catfish hole and wiggles his […]

Musical Instruments

If you’ve never played an instrument seriously before, you’re missing out on a relaxing and mind enhancing activity. Guitar and piano are probably the most popular instruments, but there are dozens of different instruments to choose from. You can rent instruments from music stores to try them out, a great idea if you can’t decide. […]

Turn Your Hobby into Cash

Hobbies should always be something you thoroughly enjoy, bringing a quiet oasis to your hectic lifestyle. And, if this enjoyable pastime brings in a little income, you profit in more ways than one. Do you love sports? Bowling, tennis, skiing? Are you good enough to go professional? Anything worth doing is always hard work but […]

Learn Another Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language? Well, it’s never too late or too early. Years ago, first generation Americans would learn a second language by listening to their parents who came to this country, bringing their language and customs with them, teaching their children as they grew. As the years passed, many […]


Running a half marathon or a full marathon is a huge accomplishment, but without proper training, nutrition, and determination, you won’t be able to reach your goals. Here’s everything you need to know about training for a marathon!


MAGIC AND MAGIC TRICKS: Become a Magician, Master Magic Tricks, and Mesmerize Your Friends or just simply make a Kid say, “Wow, how’d you do that? “ From the vanishing coin to the floating playing card, simple magic tricks are sure to please everyone. Following step by step instructions, packed with photo illustrations and some […]