Learn Another Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language?

Well, it’s never too late or too early.

Years ago, first generation Americans would learn a second language by listening to their parents who came to this country, bringing their language and customs with them, teaching their children as they grew.

As the years passed, many of these families embraced the English language as their main language and the children followed suit, leaving behind the languages brought over by their parents from their homelands.

Now, with world travel so easy, learning other languages has, once again, become popular.

A great site for teaching young children a new language is Muzzy. Their belief being that the very young learn effortlessly and benefit in other learning skills as well. Help your child learn a new language, and you may just find yourself learning something new as well.

Log on to Livemocha for free lessons in 25 different languages with helpful tips from people around the world as you share questions and answers with the online community. And, with self-study lessons, you learn at your own speed.

And, what about sign language? Many people don’t think of learning sign language unless necessity moves them, such as the need to converse with a deaf relative or friend. However, you can find much fulfillment and fun in learning to sign regardless of your circumstance. As a student, you’ll find many colleges and universities accept American Sign Language as a foreign language. Once you’re comfortable with your signing skills, check out your local malls. Many of them offer meeting places where you can meet and practice your sign language with hearing and non-hearing individuals. Usually, only “signing” is allowed at these gatherings, no verbal conversation.