Fine Arts: Adding Color and Sound to Life

Art is everywhere you look, from the design on a dinner plate to the picture on the wall. Art is also found in the perfectly chosen words of a book or in the guitar solo you hear on the radio. Every school-age kid has the opportunity (whether they call it that or not) to practice their artistic skills in art, music and writing courses, but somehow the demands of adulthood pushes this artistic urge to the background.

Is it time to let your creative side flourish? How about one more reason: your health. Therapists have long used art to reduce stress and anxiety in patients. Physicians have discovered that art and music in the hospital environment can help patients handle their illnesses more effectively and possibly reduce hospital stays. Don’t wait for illness – get plugged in to your left-brain now!

First decide if you might simply enjoy other people’s art, or if you want to participate yourself as well.

Pick a topic and get started on your new hobby today.

  • Drawing and Sketching can be one of the simplest ways to begin a lifelong love of art.
  • Musical Instruments If you’ve never played an instrument seriously before, you’re missing out on a relaxing and mind enhancing activity.