Fantasy Sports

Remember years ago when the company would put together a clunky office pool for the Super Bowl? Somebody would get creative with a bulletin board and dust off the arts and crafts supplies. Well, this was actually setting the groundwork for today’s automated, networked world of Sport Fantasy Leagues.

Yes, office pools are now automated, hosted online, and are a staple of the fantasy sports world. But Fantasy Sports has come a long, long, long way.
Fantasy Sports systems may have started out as a cottage industry, but now this area is dominated by the big boys. The major tv networks and sports print publishers have gotten in the game, providing news, player profiles, mock drafts and the software to manage fantasy leagues both large and small, public and private.

Fantasy Sports have actually made an impact on how America watches and now participates with Sports coverage. Before, we were a nation dedicated to our home teams rooting for them through thick and thin.

Now, many Sports Fans craft their fantasy teams from players across teams. On one play, rooting for Manning to throw another touchdown pass while at the same time rooting for Michael Strahan to sack the QB for a loss or fumble.
Television analysts are quick to update the viewing public on top fantasy stats. Websites abound that provide you with research opinions to help with mock drafts and player trade tips.

Take your Sports Fan Hobby to another league and dive into the Fantasy Sports World with these starting websites.

  • – New Fantasy Games and In-Depth Fantasy Analysis. Great selection of games, leagues and background information.
  • Fantasy Basketball – staff writers will be offering your their weekly rankings by position.
  • NFL Fantasy Football – It’s easy to run your own league when you use the web’s #1 league manager. Invite your friends and try it Risk Free for 14 days. Sign up today. Official site of NFL Football.
  • ESPN Fantasy Sports – Like a high schooler with skills making the leap, if you’re looking for the best Fantasy Basketball experience, step up to the pros at ESPN.
  • Fox Fantasy Sports – Player News, Weekly Projects, Draft Guides and more fantasy sports.
  • CBS Fantasy Sports – Manage your office pool online with our FREE Office Pool Manager. It’s easy to use and automatically tracks everything from picks to standings.
  • Sandbox – Your All-You-Can-Play Fantasy Sports Buffet. Over 30 free fantasy sports games to choose from year-round.