Family Tree

Genealogy is the study, discovery and documenting of your relationship ties with your ancestors, often referred to as a family tree.

Researching your family tree is fast becoming one of the internets’ top hobbies. Past family tree detectives had to rely on remote libraries and difficult to access resources. But today, all this is changing with the digital age and the internet.

More and more resources are coming online, including census reports, birth, marriage and death certificates, immigration reports, and online family tree tracking software and much more.

Identifying your roots back through your family tree is only part of the hobby. Collecting and documenting your family history in the form of stories and information about your past relatives is another great aspect to this hobby.

America is a country of immigrants where our parents, grandparents, great grandparents or past generations gave up everything to come here in order to have a better life for their children.

What better way to honor our past then to document our family ties and preserve and pass on this information to future generations.

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