Easy Ways to Better Health: Stress Relief

stressreliefideashobbiesWho can resist the tranquility of an Aquarium? Whether large or small, it’s been proven that aquariums help reduce stress and anxiety and lowers blood pressure. Have you ever wondered why so many doctors and dentists have aquariums in their waiting rooms? It produces a natural form of relaxation in the patient. Relaxing colors, slow movements and peaceful sounds of running water ease the nerves and creates a serene feeling within. Many hospitals and nursing homes have taken note of this and now provide their patients with soothing aquariums, particularly in dining rooms.

Other means of stress relief include relaxation tapes and videos, imagery, meditation, and social support. Practice positive thinking at all times. When you feel negativity creep in, turn your thoughts around. It isn’t always an easy thing to do, but with practice, you can be in charge of your thoughts.

Leading a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and plenty of exercise also helps you reduce stress. Walking is a great stress reducer, particularly since the only cost involved is a good pair of walking shoes.

Try some deep breathing exercises, a massage, or some soothing music, anything that takes you away from present day problems. With some people it can be curling up with a good book by the fireplace. We each have to find our own kind of relaxation therapy.

Cancer patients in hospitals are finding relief with acupuncture (when performed with their regular treatment of chemotherapy and radiation) in alleviating their depression and anxiety from their illness. Many hospitals across the country are also acknowledging the health benefits of the hands on healing technique of Reiki.

And, let’s not forget the age-old advice about the healing powers of laughter. Sometimes the simplest methods to our healing is right under our noses. Rather than looking for miracle drugs, alleviate your stress with a good belly laugh.

More Stress Relief Suggestions:

Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference when it comes to stress relief. Try some of these ideas. See if they work for you.

  • Multi-tasking isn’t for everyone. Doing one thing at a time and doing it well will give you more satisfaction and peace of mind. Trying to do too many projects at one time only confuses the mind.
  • Get rid of clutter in your home. When you buy a new article, discard one old item. Or, better yet, don’t wait until you buy a new article. Try discarding one piece a day and watch the clutter disappear.
  • Pay bills as soon as they arrive. This eliminates last minute worrying and late fees on credit cards that add to your stress.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Put a little sunshine into your life. A few minutes a day outdoors in the sun will add the Vitamin D that your body needs.
  • Set your clocks 10 minutes ahead, avoiding stress getting the kids to school in the morning, getting to work on time, or making that doctor’s appointment.