Visit the Zoo

A visit to the zoo can be more than just a day of entertainment. Imagine viewing wildlife, exotic and farm animals on 7 acres of peaceful, beautiful grounds. “What’s so unusual about that?” you might say. Well, it is when you realize this “one of a kind” zoo, located in the beautiful Pinelands of southern […]

Three Reasons to Visit Arizona Zoos

Phoenix is blessed with two wonderful zoos (and another that is an hour drive north) and each has its own unique attractions. If you haven’t been to a zoo lately, you may be surprised to find that a zoo experience no longer consists of simply viewing animals in a cage. Still not sure? Here are […]


With the economy such as it is, it’s no wonder resort areas are not only offering fantastic deals to attract travelers, but also making major improvements to their facilities and surrounding areas in an effort to increase revenue. New hotels, restaurants, and pubs are springing up, as well as more gondolas and shuttle transportation. Trail […]

RVing: Camping On the Open Road

For those of you who love camping but can’t afford the toll that sleeping bags take, then you may want to consider the RV route. Yes, recreational vehicles are monsters to navigate and they cost a small fortune. But, smaller units are available and RV rentals are available. You may want to check out some […]

Create Your Own Outdoor Adventures

Some may think that a hobby has to be something you collect since coin collecting and model trains are the prototypical hobbies that many of us grew up with from childhood. No, hobbies include activities that get us out of the house, out of the suburbs and out of the normal limitations that we put […]

Noodling: The art of catching catfish with your bare hands.

Noodling, sometimes called Hand Fishing or Catfisting (among other things), is the art of catching catfish with your bare hands. It is inexpensive – no boat, rod, reel, nets, or bait needed. Just your bare hands. As the Noodler wades into the murky water, he rams his hand into a catfish hole and wiggles his […]


Running a half marathon or a full marathon is a huge accomplishment, but without proper training, nutrition, and determination, you won’t be able to reach your goals. Here’s everything you need to know about training for a marathon!

Train Ride Trips for Fun!

ALL ABOARD!!! I think you’ll find most children who love model trains will also be captivated by “the real thing”. A train ride can be a fun and exciting adventure for young and old alike. Many years ago I recall taking my three children on a train ride and experiencing a “holdup” by a group […]

The Sky’s the Limit with Hot Air Ballooning

There’s nothing like the view from a hot air balloon. If you haven’t been on a balloon ride before, don’t consider them just for the tourists that visit Arizona. The whole experience is less about where you are and more about the actual experience of being high in the sky without anything around you. It’s […]


Gardening  can be fun for people of all ages. And the therapeutic value is priceless. Here are some of the benefits of gardening you will obtain. Gardening, even a light to moderate degree, increases flexibility and mobility by strengthening muscle and bone, thus warding off osteoporosis. Being one with Nature helps relieve stress, lowering blood […]