Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts, share your expertise on a subject, or find an audience to connect with. This article will teach you all you need to know about starting and maintaining a great blog with a wide readership — and maybe make some money, too.

Musical Instruments

If you’ve never played an instrument seriously before, you’re missing out on a relaxing and mind enhancing activity. Guitar and piano are probably the most popular instruments, but there are dozens of different instruments to choose from. You can rent instruments from music stores to try them out, a great idea if you can’t decide. […]

Learn Another Language

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language? Well, it’s never too late or too early. Years ago, first generation Americans would learn a second language by listening to their parents who came to this country, bringing their language and customs with them, teaching their children as they grew. As the years passed, many […]

Get Hooked on Crocheting

I remember learning to crochet when I was 5 years old. I hadn’t started school yet, so I didn’t know how to print or write, much less how to hold a pencil. However, holding a crocheting needle came easy – 3 or 4 easy stitches and you’re on your way. In those days (and we’re […]


Bowling, a great game for all ages. With alleys all across the country, the sport is seeing a revitalization with youth programs, college scholarships, and more high schools adding bowling as a varsity sport – all geared to attracting the younger set. Visit

Ballroom Dancing!

Ballroom dancing is not only a graceful form of self-expression through movement, but it’s also considered a competitive sport with a requirement of a certain amount of athleticism. But you don’t need to have professional aspirations to enjoy ballroom dancing. Classes and social dancing are both great ways to participate in the ballroom world as a beginner.