Beer Can Collecting

Beer Can Collecting is alive and well. The internet is helping to bring together collectors, buyers and sellers of the vintage beer, brewery collectables and even soda can fans. The first beer can was produced in October, 1935 by the American Can Company and Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company. Although the prohibition years put a damper […]

How is Beer Made?

Beer dates back to the earliest recorded times. It is an alcoholic beverage where sugars from barley, wheat, other grains or rice is used to produce sugars which combined with yeast ferment to produce alcohol. Flavored with different hops and variations in brewing techniques, beer is as unique and distinctive a beverage as any. Beer […]

Remote Controlled Toys

The toy industry has come a long, long way in regards to remote controlled vehicles. Speed, reliability and style are all way up. Your airplanes can now reach cruising speed and top altitude. Your submarines can dive to the pool’s depths and your monster trucks won’t get stuck in the kids’ sandbox. Whether these toys […]