Train Ride Trips for Fun!

ALL ABOARD!!! I think you’ll find most children who love model trains will also be captivated by “the real thing”. A train ride can be a fun and exciting adventure for young and old alike. Many years ago I recall taking my three children on a train ride and experiencing a “holdup” by a group […]

Renaissance Fairs

If you enjoy a bit of history and plenty of fun, why not check out Renaissance Fairs as a possible hobby, or just try it out for something to do for a fun adventure for the whole family. You could make this a weekend getaway as some Fairs provide camping facilities. Picture an outdoor weekend […]

Studying the Titanic

Books of Interest: If you’re interested in learning more about the Sinking of the Titanic in April of 1912, read Walter Lord’s A Night To Remember, which includes a list of passengers that survived as well as gripping interviews from over 60 of those surviving passengers describing the events leading up to the disastrous sinking. […]