The practice of yoga serves many purposes, from spiritual healing to building strength and flexibility. It’s considered a hobby as well as a form of exercise because there is so much to learn about all the different practices, and the practice upholds values such as tranquility and peace that make yoga a lifestyle. Types of […]

Laugh Your Way to Better Health

As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”. And believing this, Dr. Madan Kataria, an Indian physician, developed an exercise routine combining yoga breathing and laughter, bringing more oxygen into the body and brain. The assumption being that the brain does not recognize the difference from a real laugh and fake laughter; therefore, any […]

Relaxation Therapy

In this stress-filled world we live in, let’s face it, we all can benefit from Relaxation Therapy. And, of course, Find Me A Hobby is here to help you find a hobby that can help you relax and get more out of life. And, if you’re looking for some ideas strictly for stress reduction and […]

Easy Ways to Better Health: Stress Relief

Who can resist the tranquility of an Aquarium? Whether large or small, it’s been proven that aquariums help reduce stress and anxiety and lowers blood pressure. Have you ever wondered why so many doctors and dentists have aquariums in their waiting rooms? It produces a natural form of relaxation in the patient. Relaxing colors, slow […]


A hobby is something you enjoy doing for recreational purposes. If it’s a hobby you enjoy that can lead to better health, you’re doubly blessed. As for me, my favorite recreational activity is walking. Sounds simple doesn’t it? So simple that many people don’t take the time to really appreciate all the benefits of walking. […]


Hands On Healing: Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee), the Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation through spiritual energy, founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, has been used world-wide for thousands of years. A technique of laying on hands is performed, giving feelings of peace, relaxation, and well being. Considered a safe and simple method of spiritual healing […]