Scrabble has been around for what seems like “forever”. Always a favorite and not only entertaining, but helps keep the mind sharp. Some Sites To Get You Started Scrabble Rules, all you need to know to get started. Visit Hasbro’s official worldwide Scrabble site for tips on playing, shopping for Scrabble products, information on School […]


MAGIC AND MAGIC TRICKS: Become a Magician, Master Magic Tricks, and Mesmerize Your Friends or just simply make a Kid say, “Wow, how’d you do that? “ From the vanishing coin to the floating playing card, simple magic tricks are sure to please everyone. Following step by step instructions, packed with photo illustrations and some […]


TRY YOUR LUCK! Join in on the excitement of contests offered year-round. But remember, contests have expiration dates and change frequently, so be sure to check back often. Win money at the Long Beach Island, NJ annual Surf Fishing Classic. More details on our October Hobby Ideas page. Visit our page on Cooking Contests for […]


FEATURED LINKS The Free Internet Chess Server, with over 150,000 registered users, is one of the oldest and one of the largest internet chess servers. Whether serious with your chess or just looking for the occasional game, whether looking for another player or eager to challenge a strong computer, whether you like a blitz chess […]


Welcome to the World of Poker! For years, poker has been a popular hobby with plenty of books, poker supplies, local games, video poker, casino play, and tournaments for fans to enjoy. But over the last few years, the popularity of poker has exploded due primarily to the televised poker tournaments and the emergence of […]

Card Games for fun… and profit?!

History of Cards and Card Games China is often credited with the creation of playing cards and by some as early as the 10th Century. These cards were created to either represent paper dominos or were based on their paper money. Playing cards then made their way from the Far East through the Middle East, […]

Remote Controlled Toys

The toy industry has come a long, long way in regards to remote controlled vehicles. Speed, reliability and style are all way up. Your airplanes can now reach cruising speed and top altitude. Your submarines can dive to the pool’s depths and your monster trucks won’t get stuck in the kids’ sandbox. Whether these toys […]

Legos… Bring Out the Kid in You!

You remember, Legos are small plastic blocks that fit together to create things. They also strengthen our imagination. More importantly, we get to make cool stuff out of Legos, like Lego mansions for the Lego people, or an awesome amusement park. Legos allow you to build just about anything, even the White House or the […]

Children Love Model Trains

Model Railroading continues generation after generation in part to the all-consuming love affair children have with trains. Young children have an incredible obsession for trains and this passion has predictable stages. Children usually begin with Thomas the Tank Engine toys and the Thomas television show. Also, during this very early stage, children will love watching […]


Puzzles are a great mental activity which can help pass the time, relax and comfort, and stimulate the brain, helping to ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia.