Traditional Craftwork

When you think of craftwork, automatically your mind goes to the old stand-bys like knitting, crocheting, and needlework. Times may have changed, but these old, familiar favorites have endured over the generations. Now, due to all the stress in our lives, it’s strongly recommended that we find an outlet for our tension and anxieties. And […]


The hobby of Scrapbooking is the collections of photographs, clipped newspaper articles, ribbons, party invitations and other keepsake mementos. These collections are then stored in books and three ring binders. Todays scrapbook supplies provide great options for creating a long term treasure. High quality paper, simple and clean glue dots or double sided tape. Colorful […]

Musical Instruments

If you’ve never played an instrument seriously before, you’re missing out on a relaxing and mind enhancing activity. Guitar and piano are probably the most popular instruments, but there are dozens of different instruments to choose from. You can rent instruments from music stores to try them out, a great idea if you can’t decide. […]

Following The Flea Markets

A great hobby, especially with the economic crunch we are in, is to shop the Flea Markets. Everybody loves a bargain and the exhilaration you feel when you discover that special item you’ve been looking for is incredible. Bargaining is expected, unlike shopping in a retail store, and once you get the hang of negotiating […]

Fine Arts: Adding Color and Sound to Life

Art is everywhere you look, from the design on a dinner plate to the picture on the wall. Art is also found in the perfectly chosen words of a book or in the guitar solo you hear on the radio. Every school-age kid has the opportunity (whether they call it that or not) to practice […]

One Womans Journey Into The Drawing World

Somehow I made it to adulthood only knowing how to draw people as stick figures. If you are one of those people, just know that the ability is within you. On a whim, I decided to take a drawing course. My children were very young, and besides needing to have adult company, I also had […]

Doll Making

Doll Making is a great activity to either share with a child or one where you can express some truly creative and artistic flair. From the traditional Teddy Bear, Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls or to the Halloween Scarecrow, basic clothes, fabrics and odds and ends can be used. But for those looking for the […]

Get Hooked on Crocheting

I remember learning to crochet when I was 5 years old. I hadn’t started school yet, so I didn’t know how to print or write, much less how to hold a pencil. However, holding a crocheting needle came easy – 3 or 4 easy stitches and you’re on your way. In those days (and we’re […]


Drawing and Sketching can be one of the simplest ways to begin a lifelong love of art. Even if you later move on to painting, learning how to sketch and draw can make you a better painter in many cases. And best of all, the tools are simple, clean-up is non-existent, and you can draw […]