Bowling, a great game for all ages. With alleys all across the country, the sport is seeing a revitalization with youth programs, college scholarships, and more high schools adding bowling as a varsity sport – all geared to attracting the younger set.

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Basics of Bowling:

Bowling is an indoor sport, using a ball usually weighing between 10 and 16 pounds, with 10 frames to a game. Hopefully, you’ll get a strike, knocking down all ten pins on your first try of the frame. If not, you are allowed a second ball to knock down the rest of the pins, giving you a spare. A perfect game is 300. But any bowler will tell you that dream is hard to achieve. Automatic scoring makes the game a lot easier, allowing you to concentrate on your bowling technique rather than your math skills.

Health Benefits of Bowling:

  • Burns calories, helps in controlling weight.
  • Tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles all get a workout from the flexing and stretching involved in bowling, keeping the whole body in better shape.
  • Interaction with other people, working as a team, creates friendships and releases healthy endorphins from the brain.

Safety Tips:

  • Always warm up, as you are encouraged to do for all sports, to prevent injuries. A few simple stretches are usually enough, especially concentrating on the hamstring.
  • Be careful of wrist and back injuries when picking up the ball, always using both hands and bending at the knees.
  • Use bowling shoes only for bowling and check the bottoms to avoid falling due to any sticky substances that may accumulate on shoes. Avoid going over the foul line, as lanes are oiled and not meant to be walked on.