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After several decades as a sports fan and avid reader of the sports pages, somewhere it dawned on me that some of the best stories and writing I’ve ever seen have been sports related articles. The most talented sports reporters have the storytelling ability to lift the game, the players and us to another level.

For the most part, we live in a world where there are no clear cut winners or losers, no clear outcomes, and sadly few heroes who hold up under scrutiny. Many times, it’s tough to draw out life lessons in our world of grays and blurred lines.

But with sports, our Sports Reporters are able to identify winners and losers on a nightly basis. Strategies are immediately judged and lessons learned. Sports are often the source and proving ground for cliches. All of which make for colorful stories and articles from our Sports Reporters.

For all of us ex-jocks who never made it to the pros, our best shot may now be that as an internet based Sports Reporter. The Internet is opening up incredible opportunities for wannabe Sports Reporters and journalists.

Through the power of blogs and the internet, with fair and accurate reporting and commentary, you can begin your writing career today and over time develop a devoted audience.

Imagine being invited to cover your favorite teams’ news conference. Or imagine, your team’s coach or GM answering your email queries with great material for your readers to enjoy. Sports bloggers are doing just this. Learn about blogging. Sharpen your writing skills. Pick a topic, sport, or team that you are a passionate fan or follower. And, start your reporting career.

Go ahead, it’s up to you to start your new career as an Internet Sports Reporter!

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